April 2015

The fate of the Easter Bunny


 SORRY LITTLE GUY :( or is print dead? Now that we are all so socially connected it appears that THE way to engage with our customers is through Social Media Channels: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest etc. What happened to good ol' print marketing? Is it still a good way to get the word out and leave a lasting impression with potential customers, or are you wasting your budget? After all, you want to save the trees and be green, be socially responsible. In our quest of stretching our tight budgets and our environmental awareness, being "social" definitely seems more appealing. Today, I want to challenge this single channel approach: Why do you think large companies still spend millions of dollars on printed material? Because, if done right, this medium will support your brand through captivating your customers' attention for a longer time. And when it comes to the dreaded invoice from the printer? Consider this for [...]

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November 2014

Above the fold?


Layout and page design for web sites is somewhat restrictive compared to layout and design of print material. The reasons are various sizes and resolution settings of the computer monitor, tablet or smartphone. We use the term “above the fold”, which is the section of a web page that is visible without scrolling. I call it the PRIME “real estate” of a page. On a desktop the fold varies depending on the resolution settings on a user’s monitor. At lowest settings (i.e. 640×480) the fold is relatively high on the page. At higher settings (i.e. 1280×1024) the fold extends much further down the page. Decisions concerning what goes above or below the fold are often made based on a minimum targeted resolution. On a tablet or smartphone it is almost inevitable that one will scroll, however, one should consider what is most important to appear at first sight. For maximum [...]

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September 2014

Promote your website


Simply having a web site doesn’t mean that people know about you and your business. You need to toot your horn and let them know you are out there. Before dishing out the greenback for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), online advertisements, or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) you might want to look first whether you have covered the basics. Have you submitted your site to those big search engines like Yahoo and Google? It is simple to do and the smaller search engines piggyback on those. Is your web site mobile friendly and your domain name on your business cards, your print advertising, your brochure etc.? Are you using a “signature” stating your http://www.domain.com when sending out your emails? Great. As the next step you should go through your client list and invite them all to check out your new web site. Don’t spam, send it out to people you are in contact [...]

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