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Spam anyone?


We are having our initial meeting with a client and are listening to his ideas for a new web site. There is nothing out of the ordinary, just the usual stuff. Then it is our turn to ask questions. Same thing here, our standard questions and the usual answers. As we get to the “Contact Us” information the client is adamant about creating the page in a way so that spammers can’t “attack” him. Fair enough. Who likes to receive spam anyways? Not long thereafter we get to the topic of the ordering system. He would like to be able to automatically collect his customer’s email address whenever they place an order so that he can include them in his e-mail campaign. Now that’s interesting. It has “spamming” written all over it. Let’s take a look at the definition of Electronic Spam (From Wikipedia): Spamming is the abuse of electronic [...]

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January 2015

Common website problems – Part 2


5. TEXT IS MISSING ON THE PAGE Possible causes: this can happen for different reasons, but all of them have to do with closing tags. Fixes: 1) When a closing tag is missing, the entire content might be missing, too. So don’t forget to close all your tags. 2) You forgot to close a comment and the browser “thinks” that the rest of the text has also been commented out. Make sure you close every comment that you open. 3) You forgot to close a quotation mark in a tag. For example, if you use quotes in a IMG SRC or A HREF tags, you must close them. 4) If you are using TEXTAREA in forms, make sure you close it with a /TEXTAREA tag. 6. VISITORS CAN’T SEE YOUR FANCY FONTS Possible causes: There are only a handful of fonts that every computer user has installed. They are: Verdana, [...]

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