Protect your online work from digital piracy

If you are a photographer and don’t want your work to get ripped off from your web site, this article might be for you. One of the major concerns among visual artists who expose their creative work online is the threat of digital piracy and unauthorized duplication of proprietary images. While this is an increasingly real and valid concern, there are certain steps all artists can take to protect their portfolios without having to sacrifice the benefits of putting their best work online.

First, limit the resolution of your images to 72 ppi. This is the best resolution computer monitors can display anyway, and higher resolutions will only make your work more reproducible, and thus more commercially attractive to image pirates. Second, make sure your website is designed to disable the most common methods of unauthorized image downloading, particularly right-click (Windows) and ctrl-click (Mac). Finally, watermarking your images with a copyright notice or digital signature adds a visual layer of copy protection that wards off many would-be image pirates.

While no single means of prevention is flawless, using the methods above can significantly increase the security of any online portfolio.