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Why Choose Graphic Design Studio?

There are literally hundreds of creative firms and specialists to choose from when you want help establishing your brand, so why choose Graphic Design Studio?

In 20+ years of work, we have learned that clients from across the globe come to us because they want affordable expertise and service. In our founder and president, Petra Weggel, they find someone with Wall Street experience, Madison Avenue creativity, proven marketing results, and a one-on-one approach to client service and satisfaction.

It isn’t what we do that makes us special, but how we approach our work.

You can get a new logo, annual report, or website from anywhere. At Graphic Design Studio, you won’t just get top-notch artistic creations and corporate communications pieces – you’ll get a partner who takes the time to learn about your goals and the constraints you have to work with. In other words, you’ll get everything you would expect from a NYC creative agency, but with a personal touch and a more affordable rate.

There is a reason clients from Hawaii, New York’s financial district, and the rest of the world have been turning to Petra and her team for more than two decades. To find out what a smarter, friendlier approach to branding strategy looks like contact Graphic Design Studio in Maui today!


When our clients are happy so are we.

You have truly been wonderful to work with Petra. I am a total fan of how you do what you do!

Ari Shapiro, RFP Online
Not only does Petra deliver excellent end results she is also very easy to work with. No unexpected delays. Clear and concise communication. I have recommended her to all of my clients.
Chris Schafer, University of Oregon

My company is located in San Francisco. I initially hired local talent (Academy of Arts graduates) to help build my brand. I wish I had called Petra first. The combination of her artistic talent, coupled with her technical expertise, ensured the success of the project. But don’t take my word for it (or the awards she has won), take a look at her work for yourself.

Michael Klotsman, Owner @Okava Pharmaceuticals, San Francisco

Petra is a joy to work with. She is a consummate professional who delivers on deadline with delight and professionalism. Petra minds to the finest of details, while staying focused on the big picture. Rely on Petra to get your job done on time and on budget!

Mimi Duvall, @Dreams Will Come, New York

We’ve had a great experience working with Petra and her team. They are hardworking, reliable, and very good at what they do!

Danny Shepherd, President @Titan SEO, San Marcos CA

The finished product is so superior we can’t imagine the firm without this online presence.

Jim Niess, Maui Architectural Group