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For starters – the perfect mix.

Hanau Package – logo, business cards & website

The question “What are the basic marketing tools I need?” almost immediately comes up when someone inquires about our services. Even though there is so much information available online it still can get confusing.

In a nutshell – the THREE most basic marketing tools are:

#1 Your Logo

#2 Your Business Card

#3 Your Website or Blog

Everything else is nice to afford once your business has found some traction.

Startup Marketing

It takes your $3,000 investment* to get your new business off the ground.

Please call us to get started!

*Hanau means ‘to give birth’

We highly recommend

The Best Little Marketing Plan.

This is a simple workbook for building a great marketing strategy.

Book - The best little marketing plan

The reason why we like this book is that it is very simple, easy to understand and to work through. Within a short time you will have a solid understanding of your marketing needs.

You can buy this insightful and to-the-point marketing guidebook on Amazon.

* applies to basic “Starter Package”.

We help you get started. We help you grow.