April 2015

The fate of the Easter Bunny


 SORRY LITTLE GUY :( or is print dead? Now that we are all so socially connected it appears that THE way to engage with our customers is through Social Media Channels: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest etc. What happened to good ol' print marketing? Is it still a good way to get the word out and leave a lasting impression with potential customers, or are you wasting your budget? After all, you want to save the trees and be green, be socially responsible. In our quest of stretching our tight budgets and our environmental awareness, being "social" definitely seems more appealing. Today, I want to challenge this single channel approach: Why do you think large companies still spend millions of dollars on printed material? Because, if done right, this medium will support your brand through captivating your customers' attention for a longer time. And when it comes to the dreaded invoice from the printer? Consider this for [...]

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June 2014

The Three Cs of Design


A well designed, well functioning website is crucial to your online success. If you want to design your own site, there are a few things you might want to consider before getting creative. An informational site, for example, will have to be very well organized so that the information can be easily accessed by the user. A site meant to entertain will have to be somewhat spontaneous and should be more interactive. Whatever your ultimate goal is, following basic design principles are in order to create a visually appealing and fully functional site. Consider the Three Cs of Design: Composition. Components. Content. Composition: The way in which the components of a design are visually combined and arranged. Composition takes into account placement, grouping, alignment, visual flow and the divisions of space within a layout. Components: The visual elements used within a design. Photos, illustrations, icons, typography, linework, decoration, borders and [...]

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May 2014

You Gotta Have it!


Since the advent of Web sites opened the doors for business owners to establish a presence on the World-Wide-Web it seems almost impossible to not have one-a website that is. Now every other company has a Web site, URLs appear everywhere, on business cards, in ads on brochures. Web sites are being marketed to reach clientele that previously appeared to be out of reach. A good Web site can make your company, a bad one can break it. There are lots of resources available on how to build a good site. But take a look at some of the pitfalls to avoid… POOR NAVIGATION and POOR ORGANIZATION Most Web sites consist of several pages and allow the user to focus on a given subject. For good user experience it is necessary to have a navigation in place that allows your visitors to easily get from one page to another and [...]

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