December 2014

Common website problems – Part 1


If you are just starting out creating a web site it can sometimes be a hair-pulling experience. But let me share with you some of the common problems in designing a well-functioning web site and help you avoid those mistakes: Keep this troubleshooting guide handy for when you need it (and save some of your hair, too!) 1. MISSING IMAGES ON THE PAGE Possible causes: the image was not uploaded to the web server, it wasn’t linked to correctly, or the graphic is in invalid format. Fixes: upload all the graphics that you are using within your web page to the web server. Reference to that image correctly. And finally, make sure you are using the right extension, like .gif or .jpg 2. IMAGE LOADS VERY SLOWLY Possible causes: The size/image resolution is too high. Fixes: You must do your best to reduce the graphic to its minimum good-looking format. [...]

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July 2014

Website Implementation


You did all your homework, you have a draft version or even a close to final mock-up of your site – it’s time to get it implemented. At this point you might consider calling in the experts unless you understand at least HTML code. HTML code is the coding language that makes web pages. It stands for Hypertext Markup Language. Often web page editors like Adobe Muse or are being used to generate the code. If you are interested in learning how to do it yourself, the best place to get started is Maui Community College. They offer classes for beginners to advanced. Or you might know someone in your family or amongst friends with programming skills. Ask them for help. Some of the benefits of contracting with a professional web designer are: you will save yourself a lot of time, you will get a properly constructed and fully [...]

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May 2014

You Gotta Have it!


Since the advent of Web sites opened the doors for business owners to establish a presence on the World-Wide-Web it seems almost impossible to not have one-a website that is. Now every other company has a Web site, URLs appear everywhere, on business cards, in ads on brochures. Web sites are being marketed to reach clientele that previously appeared to be out of reach. A good Web site can make your company, a bad one can break it. There are lots of resources available on how to build a good site. But take a look at some of the pitfalls to avoid… POOR NAVIGATION and POOR ORGANIZATION Most Web sites consist of several pages and allow the user to focus on a given subject. For good user experience it is necessary to have a navigation in place that allows your visitors to easily get from one page to another and [...]

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