The fate of the Easter Bunny

Chocolate Easter Bunny

or is print dead?

Now that we are all so socially connected it appears that THE way to engage with our customers is through Social Media Channels: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

What happened to good ol’¬†print marketing? Is it still a good way to get the word out and leave a lasting impression with potential customers, or are you wasting your budget? After all, you want to save the trees and be green, be socially responsible.¬†In our quest of stretching our tight budgets and our¬†environmental awareness, being “social” definitely seems more appealing.

Today, I want to challenge this single channel approach:
Why do you think large companies still spend millions of dollars on printed material? Because,¬†if done right,¬†this medium will support your brand through captivating your customers’ attention for a longer time.¬†And when it comes to the dreaded invoice from the printer? Consider this for a moment: when your print campaign landed you just two¬†more clients, would it have paid for itself? This number, of course,¬†depends on your business‚Äďbut you get the idea.

Integrating the old with the new is smart marketing. Let the Bunny live.

Happy Easter!