Chocolate Easter Bunny

or is print dead?

Now that we are all so socially connected it appears that THE way to engage with our customers is through Social Media Channels: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

What happened to good ol’¬†print marketing? Is it still a good way to get the word out and leave a lasting impression with potential customers, or are you wasting your budget? After all, you want to save the trees and be green, be socially responsible.¬†In our quest of stretching our tight budgets and our¬†environmental awareness, being “social” definitely seems more appealing.

Today, I want to challenge this single channel approach:
Why do you think large companies still spend millions of dollars on printed material? Because,¬†if done right,¬†this medium will support your brand through captivating your customers’ attention for a longer time.¬†And when it comes to the dreaded invoice from the printer? Consider this for a moment: when your print campaign landed you just two¬†more clients, would it have paid for itself? This number, of course,¬†depends on your business‚Äďbut you get the idea.

Integrating the old with the new is smart marketing. Let the Bunny live.

Happy Easter!