Time to redesign your website?

Like any print material web sites do need an occasional makeover. But how
exactly can you tell when the time has come for a complete redesign and
simple maintenance, or patching and revising just won’t do it any more?

Some signs that it’s time to redesign your site include:
• Your Business Has Changed or Grown
• You Apologize for Your Site When Referencing It
• Your Site Isn’t User-Friendly
• Your Site Looks Old
• It’s Not Bringing in inquiries and Helping You Make Sales
• Your Site is Costing You a Fortune to Update

So let’s take a look at those tell-tale signs:

Your Business Has Changed or Grown

If your business is no longer the same as it was when you designed your
site, chances are that you should redesign your website to reflect that.
Any changes in your business direction, new product offers or different
services, or if your company has grown significantly, would justify a
redesign of your site. Reconsider how the changes to your business should
be reflected or addressed in the structure, design and strategy behind
your website.

You Apologize for Your Site When Referencing It

Your site should be a source of pride, just like your business and your
identity. Your clients and prospects should easily get all the information
about your business, offers and services from your web site. If they can’t
because of out-of-date information, broken images, poor design, difficult
navigation or anything else on your site, it makes you look unprepared and
unprofessional. Make sure your site is in top shape and leaves a good

Your Site Isn’t User-Friendly

If you cringe when you read your site text, or if you regularly get
questions on your site text from visitors, re-structuring your copy or
rewriting it can help to fix these problems. If you’ve been adding to your
site over time and the navigation has become unwieldy or confusing,
restructuring your navigation could be another pressing reason to redesign
your site. You want visitors to be able to easily find their way around
your site and to be able to access all the information you have within a
few clicks. Laying out your site to make that possible can make your
visitor’s experience on your site a lot easier.

Your Site Looks Old

What once was ‘cool’ may not be so ‘cool’ anymore. Weed out chunky,
slow-loading graphics, old-style “framed” coding, little animated cartoon
clip-art throughout the site, and cluttered navigation tabs. so your
business doesn’t make you look ‘behind the times’. Not only that, iI can
also make you look like you don’t care enough about your business or about
technological advances to keep abreast of them. Keeping your company’s
website looking modern will increase its credibility.

It’s Not Bringing in inquiries and Helping You Make Sales

If your site was designed long ago, then there’s a good chance that it was
designed as “brochureware”. This means that the site was designed just to
act as an online brochure. This was very common a few years ago, when
websites were new. But recently businesses have realized that a website
can do a lot more than just impersonate your brochure – it can help you
close sales, bring in new prospects and make your business easier to run.
To bring in more inquiries and make more sales include the following when
you redesign your site:

* Calls to action to encourage your visitors to take specific actions
– like purchasing something, contacting you, or signing up for a

* Forms, scripts, or programs to make your business easier – like
contact forms, project estimating tools, and an autoresponder email
series that can help you keep in touch with your clients and
prospects. Including a shopping cart or Paypal buttons on your site
can also help you to make more sales without any additional work.

* Downloadable information packets, articles, questionnaires and white
papers can answer a prospect’s questions about your products or
services and help them to move closer to buying. And, if you require
the prospect to enter their email address or other contact
information, it can help you to grow your prospect list as well. These
are just a few of the functions that your site can perform for your
business. To get ideas for other ways that your site can help you
increase your business, look at the other sites that you visit and
note the functions they perform.

Your Site is Costing You a Fortune to Update

If you’re racking up huge bills because of changes and still have a lot to
go, it might be time to consider a whole site redesign. Make a list of
everything that you want to do on your site and consult a web designer
about redesigning your site with those changes in mind. Often, if you have
extensive changes to make to your site, it can be less expensive to just
start over.

If your site has any of the problems mentioned here, it’s time to
redesign. The steps needed to update and revise will differ depending on
the problems and issues that your site has – you may not have to start
from scratch. But, do make sure that you address all of the problems that
your site has so that you won’t have to redesign again any time soon!