Website Implementation

You did all your homework, you have a draft version or even a close to final mock-up of your site – it’s time to get it implemented. At this point you might consider calling in the experts unless you understand at least HTML code. HTML code is the coding language that makes web pages. It stands for Hypertext Markup Language. Often web page editors like Adobe Muse or are being used to generate the code. If you are interested in learning how to do it yourself, the best place to get started is Maui Community College. They offer classes for beginners to advanced. Or you might know someone in your family or amongst friends with programming skills. Ask them for help.

Some of the benefits of contracting with a professional web designer are: you will save yourself a lot of time, you will get a properly constructed and fully functional site, and along the way you will receive invaluable online business advice. How about pricing? Each design and implementation is unique to your business or individual needs. Set up an appointment for consultation with the web designer and they will be able to give you an estimate. Typically the first half-hour consultation is free of charge.

Once your site is programmed, tested cross-platform and debugged it gets launched. Your web designer might recommend a hosting service provider or you might choose your own.

When will my site be online? Not every site is created equal. Implementing a basic site usually doesn’t take very long, whereas a complex site might go through several phases and take months to develop. The turnaround time also depends on your collaboration and responsiveness.